Real running not virtual

Now I’m not a big fan of virtual races, people tell me I should get involved and make some money but I have to believe in something rather than do it for the sake of it. So I have decided to set series of challenges just to “run for a reason” and free too!

The first challenge is the Ronald McDonald round – like the Bob Graham Round which you have probably heard of, you probably haven’t heard to the Ronald McDonald Round because I have just made it up!

The challenge is to go from your house (ideally) and run past (past being the operative word) as many McDonalds as you can taking a selfie at each one. This is my first effort of three in just under 10 miles (a run to Mac ratio of 3.24 – that doesn’t actually mean anything!) .

So get out running and post your efforts on our Facebook page – remember at least one means that you are out which is good. Lets see how many posts we get over the next two weeks.