Dirt Run

A winter trail running treat

Dirt Run Irchester country Park

A winter trail running treat

Formerly called The Wellingborough Multi Terrain Series, we are pleased to offer this multi Terrain run at Irchester Country Park with a choice of 4 distances: 5, 10, 15 or 20k.


Whether you’re looking for a multi terrain fun run, take your parkrun off road, want to practice the run leg of your triathlon, or run a serious race in some stunning surrounds, then the varied terrain of the Jurassic Irchester Country Park in Northamptonshire is ideal. It doesn’t matter what ability level you are as you have the choice of 5km, 10km, 15km or 20km. The course for all 4 distances is the same – with the 5km runners completing 1 lap, the 10km runners 2 laps, the 15km runners 3 laps and the 20km runners 4 laps, with everybody starting at the same time.


If you fancy a change from your parkrun, trying trail running, a step up from your usual 10k run or if you like things a little more…well dirty!


Sunday 23rd January 2022. Start 10.00.


ENTRIES WILL OPEN SOON On line entries close on Monday 17th at 8am.

5k = £16.00

10k = £21.00

15k = £23.00

20k = £26.00

Book online here

Cash only entries on the day £19.00, £24.00, £26.00, £29.00


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